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We incorporated with the name of “SATHISH KUMAR MATCH INDUSTRIES” in 1991. Initially, the company started with 7 employees involved in manufacturing wax matches, producing 1000 bundles per month, supplying in the region of Punjab and Jaipur.

By 2005, we have earned a remarkable position in Wax Matches Industry in the brand name of SHANK.

On the year of 2009, we have extended our manufacturing in wooden matches in the name of“Amsha Match House“.  From 5000 bundles in a month, now we have been increased to 30,000 bundles within 4 years of time period.

Our products have been supplying to many parts of Northern India.

We have worked carefully to select the right, highly trained personnel to properly manage our business.

Now we are team of 283 Employees producing 20,000 Bundles of Wax Matchbox and 30,000 Bundles of Wooden Matchbox

We extended and consolidated our wing from Domestic to International market, with a renowned organization in Africa.


The Quality of Matchsticks are supervised and maintained at each stage right from the beginning till the end product.